Using price comparison websites to investigate your competition

How do price comparison websites operate?
30 października 2017
How to use price comparison websites responsibly?
23 kwietnia 2019

Price comparison websites are, on one hand, a fantastic tool for e-shops to increase their visibility. However, they may help one to run a successful e-commerce business also in other ways. For instance, they may be very useful in investigating the competition in order to come up with successful strategies.

For instance, websites of this type might be helpful for comparing the prices in your shop with those of your competition. It is important to be up-to-date with current pricing trends in order to determine competitive prices for your products. Similarly, one should also be watchful for shipping fees, which might give an e-shop as much of an edge as low prices.

When preparing your offer, you might also need to take a look at which products are currently the most popular. Many price comparison websites offer lists of best-selling products in the category that your e-shop specializes in. It might be a good idea to not only include them in your offer, but also offer a discount or a free shipping offer on them.

It is also definitely recommended to investigate the opinions about the quality of customer service of competing sellers – one can learn a lot from both positive and negative opinions. It has to be mentioned that it is equally important to learn from the successes and the failures of the competing businesses. In this way, it is possible to determine whether there is something that the other businesses do not provide clients but you can. This way, you can really get an upper hand.