Should your e-shop be included in a price comparison website?

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As for the advantages, including a website in a price comparison website is a great way of increasing its visibility. The popularity of price comparison websites cannot be underestimated: for many people, it has become the primary method of making online purchases. Price comparison is also invaluable in case the e-shop does not have a high position in search engines: because the clients are predisposed to only visit the webpages that have the highest ranking, your website might find itself in a disfavorable position; however, since the price comparison websites list all the e-shops in a given category on one page, your e-shop might suddenly become much more visible.

On the other hand, the most obvious disadvantage of price comparison websites is that because of their very nature, they may force you to participate in a „price war”. Obviously, those types of websites favor the e-shops that offer the lowest possible prices; however, using low prices as your main weapon of attack might not be the tactic you want to be using.

Including your e-shop in a price comparison website might also be costly for you. This is obviously not a problem if the presence of your e-shop in the price comparison website does help to create revenue for you, but sometimes it turns out that the outcome does not justify the expense.

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On the other hand, the assumption that the only way for e-shops to gain revenue via price comparison websites is to lower the prices drastically might be just a stereotype, as those types of websites also compare e-shops with regards to the customers' opinions about the service and thus it might it be just as beneficial to use high-quality service as your biggest advantage. However, one also needs to take into consideration that some of the opinions might be written by people hired by the competition and thus is important to only use price comparison websites that have a policy that allows only the people who have actually made transactions to leave opinions.